Announcement: SimplePie 1.0 Release Candidate 2 is fresh from the oven! Please upgrade!

Spread the word, guerilla style.  But not like a big monkey who likes bananas and throws poop.

Easy Ways to Get Involved!

  1. Digg It! — Vote for SimplePie articles at Digg. Digg is a social news website dedicated to technology. The best way to get behind SimplePie is to click on the Digg link that is right above the footer and digg us.
  2. Add a “Powered by…” link — Whenever I come across a website that is doing something cool, I find myself interested in learning how to do it myself. Oftentimes, if there’s a “powered by…” link, I’ll click through to learn how to do that cool thing. This is how Wordpress, MagpieRSS, and many other products got popular.
  3. Socially Bookmark ItDelicious, Magnolia, Blinklist, Rojo, Spurl, Furl, and many other social bookmarking services are great for getting the word out. Tag the SimplePie homepage, a tutorial, or an article by someone else with words like simplepie, rss, atom, php, xml, syndication, blogging, and other related tags.
  4. Write a Blog Post — This is one of the best ways to get the word out about SimplePie. If you like it, if you don’t like it, if you’re implementing it into your site(s), then blog about it. We keep track of SimplePie in the blogosphere and make it a point to listen to our users. Also, it’ll help other people learn more about the project.
  5. Answer Forum Questions — Become a frequent visitor to the forums, and help people out if you know the answers to their questions. Doing so will help free us up to do more development.
  6. Keep the Wiki’s Up-to-Date — We’re listed on Ohloh and SWiK that we’re aware of. Help keep the SimplePie articles up-to-date whenever new releases come out, or as pertinent information about SimplePie becomes available.

Are You Technically Inclined?

  1. Build Plugins and Extensions — Is there a wiki, blog software, content management system, or other software that could use solid feed parsing? Write a plugin or extension for it that uses SimplePie, and get the word out about it.
  2. Fix Bugs — If you find a bug, fix it and submit a patch to us in the forums. This will help bugs get fixed that much sooner.
  3. Test Us — We’re working hard on creating test cases and regression tests for SimplePie. Help us test all of the unit tests from, and help us get listed (and tested) in places like Sam Ruby’s Atom Conformance Tests.